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The Mexican Tequila Master

"InCorrupto is most probably the smoothest Tequila you will have ever tasted"

Extra Añejo

aged 5 years...

Ultra Limited Edition

Our Extra Anejo is one of a kind. Because of its long superb aging for 5 years in French Oak barrels it stands out way above the market. You will rarely find an Extra Anejo aged so much longer than the usual legal requirement of 3 years. The oak flavours of 5 years ageing give this masterpiece of Tequila it’s unique soft and dark amber Charakter. Enjoy it pure and don’t mix it - everything else would be a disgrace. Made of 100 % Blue Weber Agave. Handcrafted according to state-controlled artisan style.

0.5 l / 40 % vol.     540€

Signature Drinks

Classical Margarita

Margarita is the go to tequila cocktail. But until now you have never experiencened the margarita in it´s purest form. Taste the diffrence and mix it with our InCorrupto Plata.

Lake Como by Lo Scalo

Amazed by our Tequila, the talanted guys at Lo Scalo of Lake Como created a tequila recipe just for us and called it "Smoke on the Lake". Try what they have come up with yourself. It´s not like any drink you had before.

Berlin by Oh Panama

Berlin based Oh Panama took their shot at creating a unique cocktail, which they called "Paradiso", perfect only with our InCorrupto Plata. We think they nailed it. Get the instructions and try it yourself!