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Our Story

To all those establishment spirits that have looked down their noses at tequila

To all those establishment spirits with their stories of distillation,
maturation, grains, grapes and potatoes...

... listen to the story ofInCorrupto Tequila

Why did we found our own brand ?

We were sick of people telling us how awful tequila is. Most people knew nothing about what‘s inside a true tequila. Or better to say we were tired of listening to people who believe that the one with a red plastic hat is a real tequila.

So it was time for a change !

All we needed to reveal was the biggest of all misconceptions, the mother of erroneous beliefs in the world of spirits! We could prove to the people that they had never tried real tequila.We knew that we just needed to find this perfect smooth pure 100 % Blue Weber Agave Tequila in Mexico. A tequila that is not made for tourists or export but that is drunk by the real people - the Mexicans.

The search for liquid gold along the tequila route

We embarked our plane and got right into the heart of the tequila region around Guadalajara. During our adventurous road trip we visited endless haciendas from the highlands to the lowlands of Tequila City - with only one mission in mind - to find the smoothest and yet most characteristic tequila, which feels gentle when you drink it, rather than razor blades in your throat. We never thought it would‘ve been possible to differentiate the flavours, the produce, which kind of high- or lowland agaves were used. But after having tasted nearly 70 tequilas a day for weeks, it turned out that we could.

A true family business & the tequilas

Anyway... we fell in love with a tiny three generation heritage distillery just outside the old town of Tequila that only produces 100% Blue Weber Agave tequilas. Due to their unique quality, you can enjoy them neat or on the rocks. Most of our tequilas owe their complexity to the maturation in red wine barrels (instead of ex-bourbon barrels which are common in tequila production). The little distillery has so far concentrated on supplying the domestic market only.