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Our Brand

Developing a brand that can drive the quality revolution

We needed to find the right brand that is able to tell the story of the relentless rebels who want to shake up the big establishment of poor shitty drinks with red plastic hats! Those others became our enemies and the enemies of InCorrupto: the real, the pure, the asserter of brutally honest truth:

Inspired by a mix of the styles during and post the turn of the century, the Belle Eopque, „line-claire“ with TinTin and the famous Pullman Edition Posters of luxury places in the western world

How InCorrupto came to life

But like the role models of those golden ages, it was clear that InCorrupto may be tough but never rough. He‘s not a gangster, his mondaine world is stylish, smart and chique. The sophisticated explorer type of the golden ages. He doesn‘t swear but he‘s cheeky and smart - yet boastful and provocative - but never in an ordinary way. Determined and humorous.

Traditional elements include the mexican poncho and the classic margherita glass. The mondaine world is represented by the black tie, the edginess by the weapon. InCorrupto is ready to take on the dastardly creatures of the fake tequila world.

Developing the coequal bottle to frame this masterpiece of craftsmanship

Inspired by luxury whisky decanter and premium perfume flacons that James Bond and Gatsby would have equally enjoyed...

The individual and characteristic bottle is rounded up by the natural cork to underline the woody feeling of natural produce, craftsmanship and oak barrels. The red ribbon around the bottleneck of the Añejo matches the red poncho of InCorrupto. The Plata is equipped with a turquoise ribbon matching his poncho. Those ribbons are wristbands for the friends, fans and ambassadors of InCorrupto. Our ribbons are handcrafted by local artisans of the Guadalajara region. The star at the bottom of each bottle symbolises the symmetry of the agave.