Welcome to the revolution!

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Our Spirit

InCorrupto Tequila in 5 Shots

The Spirit of Revolution

Our Vision

InCorrupto will, by virtue of wit, convince the world of Tequila‘s relevance

Our Tequilas

InCorrupto tequilas are produced from 100% Blue Weber agaves

Our Mission

InCorrupto will stand out amongst the most highly-esteemend spirits in the world

Our Connoisseur

Unconventional and prepared to laugh at themselves

Our Personality

Revolutionary, pricking bubbles of pomposity, carrying a pistol but not firing it

It’s often been said that the spirt of revolution infuses the nation of Mexico.
Well, now revolution infuses the national spirit.

InCorrupto is a brand for the sophisticated rebels who don‘t accept the boring establishment not for those who don‘t value what‘s really good inside each bottle...
A hand crafted fine masterpiece of the smoothest tequila you‘ve ever experienced.

We don‘t follow the rules, we want to challenge the rules. We don‘t follow the trends, we decide for ourselves... hence we‘re not into Gin

but most of all

As the name suggests we will uncompromisingly fight those who - for many years - put the name of real tequila to shame! These are our enemies, and of course we won‘t either stop making a fool of those who have now been “Gin‘in“ around for 20 years and still think they‘ve discovered something fancy... that‘s pretty lame, pretty ordinary and so 2005.